Hotel California- The Eagles Tribute Band

So when I was at the Orange County Fair last weekend, I was invited to go check out a couple of the Tribute Bands that they have playing in the Hangar in the Fair.  I was way excited to see Hotel California since I have been an Eagles fan since High School (Thanks Cori!).

The Band

Copyright Jessica Prendes. Used with permission.

First off let me say, these guys sounded incredible. Honestly, I could close my eyes and not know they were a tribute band. They played well and they played to a great crowd that kept getting up on their feet to dance along to the hits. I really enjoyed this show, and of course they played Desperado and I was totally hooked. If you get a chance to see these guys, definitely check them out…and if you love The Eagles but never got a chance to see them, this will do just fine… take it easyyyyy

Copyright Jessica Prendes. Used with permission.


Copyright Jessica Prendes. Used with Permission.

The Orange County Fair is open now through August 14th. To check out what other Tribute bands are playing in he Hangar, go to Or too see a full schedule of events and performances, go to


  1. says

    The last guy’s hair blowing in the wind is AMAZING. LOL. I saw a DMB tribute band a few years ago and it was a trip.. they sounded just like them but looked nothing like them. So weird!!

    Glad you had fun!!

  2. Alan T. (Omega Doom) says

    Hotel California is still one of my favorite songs after all these years! Those are some really nice looking photographs! Thanks for sharing! :)


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