How I Met S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill aka Cobie Smulders #TheAvengersEvent

Photo Credit: Jeanne Sager

Last week, during my weekend in New York for The Avengers (check out my review), we had a chance to interview not only Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki, but also a newcomer to the Marvel superhero movie franchise- Cobie Smulders. Cobie is better known as Robyn from “How I Met Your Mother” and let me tell you, she is just as laid back and fun as her TV counterpart.

Cobie joins Marvel’s line of superheroes as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill. While her role in this film isn’t huge, Maria Hill is a huge character for those that know Marvel history. However, in the film, Hill is one of Nick Fury’s chief lieutenants, along with Agent Phil Coulson. From the opening scene alone, we know that Maria is no joke, and a force to be reckoned with.

When asked if she went through any special training, Cobie said that she did and that she “found this guy, really oddly, through my naturopathic doctor.” That was one of the first laughs we had with her. She went on further to explain that “I think the most important thing for me was getting comfortable around guns. Because I’ve kind of feared them my entire life and I’ve never shot a real gun.  I’ve used prop guns on some sets and stuff.  And, and I’ve also only even seen them, prop guns, up until I did all this training.”

That wasn’t all the training she did either, she said “I wanted to train in all different fields to feel like at any point, I could take anyone down.”

During the interview, she also briefly touched on her own experience with motherhood, especially since now someday her own daughter (who is currently 2) will see her as this fierce, strong character and her thoughts on it when asked on how it feels to be a strong role model for young girls today.

“That’s, that’s an amazing thought, and I don’t think I’ve let myself go there, but it’s a wonderful idea…” said Smulders, “It’s hard.  But it’s cool, you know, it’s, it’s such an interesting thing too growing up with a daughter who- she’s so actually wanting to learn, to grow up like a girl. And right, have parties and, you know, so the thing is I’m not really like that.  I’m like a kind of a tomboy and it’s, it’s so interesting but then it’s, it’s going to be cool for her hopefully, to see me well when she gets a lot older.  Um, you know, (in an) action role I mean if, if I can empower any girls anywhere, I’m, I’m happy to do it.”

Can you imagine looking like that AND kicking butt? Yea. Photo Credit: Jeanne Sager

Cobie was so fun and laid back, even all dressed up. In an earlier interview with Tom, we found out he did a little happy dance when he discovered just how big his part would be, so it seemed only fitting to ask Cobie if she too did a happy dance when she landed the role. Her reply? Laughing… “Um, I had called him (her fiance) and we both were really we had like a moment together.  But yeah.  I’m Canadian, we don’t do, do happy dancing.”

Be sure to catch Cobie making her big screen Marvel debut as Maria Hill in The Avengers, now playing in theaters everywhere.

Disclosure: I received an all expense trip as media for Disney/Marvel for this event. All opinions are my own


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    I love how passionate she was about her role. She’s not a character that many people like so I really respected the fact that she wanted to bring a strong female personality to life. Yes, I wish we could look like that after beating a mob of baddies :P

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