Klipsch s4i In Ear Earbuds for iPad, iPhone and iPod’s

In our little family of three, not a single one of us can ever agree on what we all want to watch/hear. My daughter watches tons of cartoons, my husband loves shows like… Pawn Stars and Storage Wars (zzzzz) and me? I kinda like to blast music. However, unless we want the neighbors to hate us, that usually means mommy has to put some headphones on.

Enter Klipsch.

As a lover of all things music, I tend to be picky about sound. I have invested in headphones that cost well over $200 just to get that perfect studio quality out of them. I admit, I had my doubts about Klipsch because I was doubtful of ear buds in general. However, Klipsch s4i blew me away!

First off- let me tell you, the bass and crisp clarity of sound that comes through is beautiful. I could close my eyes and imagine myself sitting in on a recording session. I listened to the soulful sounds of Sam Cooke to the grungy sounds of Pearl Jam and then indulged in some heavy Broadway musicals (I told you I love music!) and each sounded perfect. The earbuds have an 3 button mic and remote system, and 3 different sets of earbuds in varying sizes to ensure a perfect match.


What I noticed also, was the noise cancelling factor. You see I also like to blast music late at night as I type away and my husband watches Law and Order behind my “office” area. With other earbuds, no matter how high I turned it up, I could hear the TV. When I put the Klipsch on, I didn’t hear it… like, at all. It was perfect to get me in my writing zone, and he couldn’t hear a thing from my end either. I didn’t use the mic feature because when I travel I go with my laptop which is a PC, and that’s usually the only time I would do any video chat feature.

Overall, the Klipsch surprised me and I love them. If you are looking for earbuds with superior sound and quality, I definitely recommend heading over to Best Buy and picking up a pair. You will fall in love with music all over again.

Disclosure: The reviewer has received compensation for this post in the form of the reviewed product or a gift card.


  1. Karen Glatt says

    I can always use a good pair of Headphones for listening to music. I think these are really nice! I can see where they would work really well for me and I too like to blast my music, but not where I live, so listening on these headphones would really work for me!

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