DIY Christmas Decor: Coffee Filter Wreath and Frosted Mirror #LowesCreator

Holiday Frosted Mirror and Coffee Filter Wreath

I love the holidays…I love the hussle and bussle of preparing for Christmas day. I’m a little crazy I know. This season, as a Lowes Creator, I was asked to create some holiday decor. I decided to do not one, but TWO projects. You can see my finished pieces above: a Christmas Coffee Filter Wreath and a Holiday Frosted Mirror.

Christmas Coffee Filter Wreath

The steps were fairly simple:

Step One: Pull apart the coffee filters and lay them flat (but don’t “flatten” them)

Step Two: Fold in Half

Step Three: Fold into a Quarter NOTE: very important not to fold them flat, or else your wreath won’t fluff

Step Four: Gluing first layer. You want to glue on the outer ring but not the back because you want your wreath to lay flat. Glue each filter about 1/2 inch apart.

Step Five: Gluing second layer. Move in for your second layer and you will be gluing again every 1/2 inch but basically in between the first. See pic for example.

Step Six: Gluing final layer. This layer will be on the inner part of your ring. See pic for example. Finish Gluing all around, fluff and decorate as desired. I spray painted some red glitter and added some loose decor by gluing it on. Voila!

Holiday Frosted Mirror

This was also so so so easy to do and looked gorgeous! In fact, since I used “Wonder” I can dress it up or down for any Holiday I want! Check out these easy steps.

Step One: Have an open area where the fumes won’t get ya. Use Frogtape to secure the frame part and make about a 1/4 trim around the mirror. Make sure your mirror is clean and dirt free also.

Step Two: Set up your stencils.

Step Three: Spray the adhesive on the back, just a light layer since you will be removing them soon.

Step Four: Stick your letters to your mirror, you can use a straightedge to make sure it’s even if you would like.

Step Five: Frost Mirror with the Frosting Spray Paint. Make sure you do even sprays and quick, cause it will run…like mine did a little. Oops!

Step Six: Allow to dry for about 2 hours. Remove the stencils and wash remaining adhesive with just warm water and a soft cloth. You now have your frosted mirror! I simply added some ornaments with Christmas ribbon and made it a Christmas Mirror.

Disclosure: I am a member of the Lowe’s Creative Idea Creator & Influencers and this is a compensated campaign. All opinions, thoughts and pictures are 100% my own.


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    Wow. I would never have thought of using coffee filters to make a wreath. I love both it and the mirror.

  2. Michelle S says

    I like the fogged mirror ! I have always wondered stupidly how to do that. That would make for some nice personalized Christmas presents.

  3. betty dennis says

    The frosted mirror is wonderful. I’m amazed at the coffee filter wreath; they came out looking so nice!

  4. Richard Hicks says

    WOW! It looks great. WHo would have thought of using coffee filters! Going to keep this one in mind for next year!

  5. Elle says

    I love the wreath! I could see using this for so many other holidays or seasons too. Maybe I’ll do one left white for the remainder of January then slap some hearts on it for Valentine’s. Thanks!


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