My NESCAFÉ Memento: Coffee…The Epic Continues

NESCAFÉ Memento Flavors

Dear NESCAFÉ Memento,

We met almost a week ago today. I didn’t know what I was in for when you arrived on my doorstep. Your pretty wrapping was simple yet, drew me to you. You, NESCAFÉ® Memento™, are a delicious single-serve instant coffee that offers the coffeehouse experience in one convenient stick pack. It was too late to get to know you that evening, but we made plans for the next morning. Oh yes, you would be my companion after a late evening working away on overdue posts, planning a meal, attempting to find a Rosca de Reyes recipe I could actually make and attempting to kick my resolutions into gear (did I mention I haven’t slept since 2007?).

When I awoke, I knew I was ready. I dragged myself off of bed and straight to you…and for a brief moment I panicked. I thought, there was no possible way all I had to do was add water. Also, at 100 calories per cup and mere cents per packet, NESCAFÉ Memento won’t impact my waistline or my wallet. Clearly something like that couldn’t quench my need, my desire for a frothy sip of a coffee shop beverage.

NESCAFÉ Memento Make a Latte

Oh Nescafe, how wrong you proved me. I added some piping hot water to my waiting cup and then I went for you. As I poured you in, I noticed the gorgeous froth begin to form. I stirred my spoon around, smelling that exquisite coffee and latte scent. I just couldn’t wait anymore. I closed my eyes, and drew the cup to my lips…and took my first sip.

NESCAFÉ Memento is a caffe latte

My tastebuds jumped for joy and my eyes suddenly awakened. You revived me…and I enjoyed you in that early morning silence all by myself. I have two problems now, One: which flavor should I have next time: Caramel Latte, Mocha or Cappuccino? And two: where should I hide you from my husband. NESCAFÉ Memento, I think this is the beginning of an epic love story.



Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign for NESCAFÉ Memento with Being Latino. However, all thoughts, opinions, undying affection of coffee and pictures are 100% my own and cannot be reused, reproduced or reprinted without the express written consent of, well, me.


  1. Vanessa Aguirre says

    I also tried NESCAFÉ Memento a few months back thanks to them that sent me a sample. Well what can I say they are so yummy and so easy to prepare :)

  2. shaunie says

    I think this is the best thing invented. You can take these things along with you anytime and especially to work. I use them all the time. I have not yet tried this kid but would love to

  3. Pam says

    You know, I have never tried these, and I am trying to figure out why not, they sound wonderful! Can’t hardly wait until my next shopping trip.

  4. Mary Dailey says

    I haven’t tried this yet because I remember how instant coffee used to taste. I’m anxious to try this though.

  5. Karen Glatt says

    I got another free one of these this week and they are so delicious! I like the creamy taste and I make mine really hot! I need to buy a box at the store to have on hand.

  6. Kymberly Pray says

    I enjoy this review as I was not previously familiar with these tasty little packets. A whole line of new products I was unaware existed. Now I discover that not only are they available at the grocery store, but as your review points out, delicious. Mmmmmm caramel latte. I’m thinking iced, or iced with a floater of vanilla ice cream. Oh my heavens.

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