Food, Wine and The Buick Discovery Tour 2013 #BuickLA

In November of last year, GM contacted me to attend the L.A. Auto Show with them. I couldn’t go myself but I had a great contributor go for me and she got a chance to experience some fabulous cars, including some in the Buick line. A few weeks ago I got my chance to check out Buick in all it’s glory, but with an added bonus- celebrity chefs, food and wine. NOM.


I was sent to my first tasting room where the wonderful Raphael Lunetta where he cooked an AMAZING filet mignon atop a sort of a potato and pear gratin. Oh.Mah.GAWD was it tasty. But, they did just say tastings… so it was a bite and then we moved onto the next segment.

Raphael Lunetta

For me, it was a chance to test drive two of Buicks line of vehicles. Unfortunately, I only got to test drive one… but the one I drove was THE ONE. You know how you sometimes encounter a car and you just kinda know you belong behind the driver’s seat? The Buick Encore was that for me…and I have proof.

2014 Buick Encore

See? PERFECT. It was smooth, sleek and extremely roomy. Perfect for an L.A. mama like me. But they had just started getting them to dealerships so, it’s brand spankin’ new. My payments are up in about 14 months, I may just upgrade. Sigh… dare to dream. After the drive, we headed to the next round which happened to be Progressive Pastry with Chef Ben Roche. I am a gal that could always get behind pastries.

Chef Ben Roche

Yozu Chiboust

Chef Ben Roche definitely takes the “Progressive” title to it’s limit and the result is not only something you never imagined, but just a melody on your palette. He prepared a Yozu Chiboust. Don’t ask me exactly what it is… I just remember saying MMMMmm. After, I was sent to the big and final room where we wood get a lesson in wine wine expert, former Gourmet Magazine wine consultant Michael Greene, and eat delicious Greek style food from celebrity chef Michael Psilakis.




Everything was to.die.for. But I was famished since everything was just a taste. The event was fun and definitely interesting to experience. It opened my palette to experience delicious foods and wine, and allowed me to fall in love with a new car line. Buick…Food and Wine, I think I can get used to that.

Disclosure: No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.


  1. Karen Glatt says

    Wow the food looked amazing and I bet it tasted so good. I like the car you test drove. I like the color and I have heard that this is a really good car. What an exciting time to get to go to this event and taste the food and see the nice cars that Buick had!

  2. Joni Mason says

    Now this sounds like my idea of a perfect day! Glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing!

  3. Danny-Pyra says

    HI Sassy Mama,

    I’m going to that same Buick event this weekend when it hits Tampa Bay and reading your entry just made me even more excited! You took some pretty great pictures and although I’m no sassy mama yet (so I’d assume a Buick Encore wouldn’t call me) I’m sure I’ll have just as much fun driving those cars.

  4. Jane Ritz says

    That had to be some more experience. I couldn’t imagine. The Buick Encore is a very nice car too! I can tell you had fun!

  5. Sandy Cain says

    Wow, that’s a cute car. I’ve never been to a car show (I don’t even know how to drive!), but I wish I could!

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