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It’s almost that time. Where roses are red and violets are blue and everyone is scrambling for a gift to show the ones you love just how special they are. While my husband and I tend to avoid gift exchange (we opt for Sofia at grandma’s, dinner, movie and… well, LOL), I like to give other people a gift to show how much I value them. This month’s challenge was perfect for this. Lowe’s asked us to create some Valentine’s Decor…and I thought to turn it into a gift!

I decided to gift this to my amazing friend Caryn. She has become one of my closest friends since we first chatted just over a year ago, and she has an adorable family that she treasures.  So I created a way to show case them in a unique wall art display. The great thing about this is it’s universal. You can make it for just about any holiday you want. Here’s how:


Tools Needed:

The first thing we did is lay the tiles on the wood the shape I wanted to create it and trace it. We then used a utility knife to cut out the piece since the wood was at that perfect not too thick-not too thin space. Set aside so it’s ready for when you lay tile down.

Next up was to cut out the pictures to tile size. Once they are cut you apply your adhesive to the paper and lay it down on the tile slowly. You can smooth it out so it doesn’t bubble.

Do all tiles, set aside to dry. Mine took about an hour. Then I used the Mod Podge to apply a protective layer to the picture and it also gives it a nice matte look. Let dry completely.

Once the tiles are dry, you can apply the Liquid Nails to the back of the tile and affix them to your plywood. I used an outer layer and also filled the middle. Make sure you push it down as far as you want it to be, it won’t lay flat but you don’t want too much spacing.

Once the Liquid Nails are dry (anywhere from 30 mins-1 hr), flip over and about an inch in on both right and left corners, mark where you will glue in the hooks. Use a straight edge to make sure they are aligned. Apply krazy glue to the hook, and affix onto your marking.

When everything is dry, sand down all sides and edges to remove excess Liquid Nails, and rough edges from plywood. You will be left with a gorgeous, sturdy piece of picture wall art!

Picture Tile Wall Art


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Disclosure: I am a Lowes Creator and Influencer and was compensated for this campaign. However, all thoughts, opinions and photographs are 100% my own. 



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