I Gotta Wear Shades

I sometimes wonder if I have a mild case of OCD. I don’t have too many routines, but I do get some mild anxiety if I leave behind three items as I start my journeys for the day: chapstick, my water bottle and sunglasses. Now chapstick and a water bottle- normal right? You want to keep your lips moisturized and your body hydrated (especially if you’re running around as much as I am!). But sunglasses, sunglasses are my “thing.” Even on slighty gloomy days here in lovely Los Angeles, I need my shades. But, I’m picky, they can’t just be any shades…they have to be quality, fun and yes, they gotta look good.

A few weeks ago, I got the spring itch. I was DONE with my wardrobe being dark and dreary and wanted to prettify my wardrobe. I did that by adding 3 easy pieces to my life. A new handbag, a light jacket in a hue of green and Paul Frank Sunglasses.

Paul Frank Sunglasses

It’s fitting that this style is called “Far Away and Lost in Joy” because that is what I felt like. While the glasses kept the dark lenses that is a must for shades to keep my eyes from being squinty, they had more of a slate coloring and a gorgeous blue backing that gave it a fresh look. I was totally happy with my pop of color, but also the fact that they were stylish and durable. I tend to put my sunglasses through the ringer…I have a daughter that likes fashion too, and she likes to run off with these, so they have taken a beating and keep on kicking.

Paul Frank Sunglasses

They also came with this super cute carrying case. It’s lightweight, protective¬†and fits easily into handbags or glove compartments to insure your hot shades stay intact while you aren’t wearing them.

Paul Frank Sunglasses

The best part about my new shades? I look good. And really… that’s all that matters right?

Sassy Mama in L.A. wears Paul Frank Shades

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  1. Sarah L says

    Mine isn’t obsession it’s pain avoidance. I get a headache if I’m out without my sunglasses. Yours are very good looking.

  2. Pamela H. says

    I have an obsession with sunglasses and Chapstick. I have purchased so many chapsticks – because I forgot it – that I have quite a collection. My eyes are sensitive to the sun, so I get angry at myself for forgetting my sunglasses. So, I understand your obsession.

    • says

      Happy to know I’m in good company! Ad I so feel you on the bazillion chapsticks. I have one on my desk, in the car, in my purse, in the bedroom, etc… and yest, I lose them and buy more. Sigh. LOL!

  3. John Joseph says

    Hm dont wear shades but maybe I should start wearing them:) my eye dr told me along time ago to wear them when sun is beating down

  4. Pam says

    Gorgeous shades. I need some new ones for this upcoming summer season. These would definitely work perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Becca says

    Cute sunglasses. I know what you mean about having those few items that you go nuts about if you forget! In the sunny summertime, your top 3 are mine as well! :)

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