The Best Ways to Use A Dining Room As A Home Office

Occasions that call for gathering with family and friends in your formal dining room have definitely decreased over the decades. Most people I know either don’t have a formal dining room, use it scarcely once or twice a year, or have changed the room’s use. Myself, I use the small area next to my kitchen, which is open to the main room, as a coffee station/studio storage. When you don’t have enough room to dedicate to each task in your life, this mixed-use of the rooms you do have becomes necessary.

Creating a home office using space from another room isn’t anything new. Guest rooms that double as sewing or fitness rooms, garages that double as storage rooms, and possibly also laundry rooms—the list could go on. I’m sure you’ve all seen well-organized and totally inspiring pictures of closets-turned-home-offices. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a spare closet, walk-in or otherwise. Because you’ll likely still want to have your formal dining furniture set-up in your dining room for those rare occasions when you have company over to use it, the room will need to do double-duty.

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There are a few things to consider when using your dining room as your home office:

How often will you be using the space?

If you’re a blogger, like Yolanda, and like myself, you’re going to be using that home office for several hours throughout the day. I’m not advocating being a messy or untidy person, but when you are going to be using a space throughout the day, sometimes at odd-hours in the night, you’re going to want to feel comfortable leaving things that you’re constantly using out and available. What I mean is, you will want things accessible, yet organized.

What will you need to use in the space?

If you think about it, a dining room is the perfect location for blogging. The dining table can not only serve as a place to lay out your books, magazines and other sources of inspiration, but as a solid surface to stage photos. Whether or not you’ll be using your dining table or a desk within the same room to put your laptop/computer on, you’ll need lots of storage space.

office furniture for using a dining room as an office

Purchasing a piece of furniture, like this Hemnes hutch/secretary desk, can do wonders for giving you enough storage and as well as an easy way to stow office items when it comes time to dine. The bottom cupboards can be used to house a printer, and the top for office supplies, extra paper and magazines.

It’s no secret that it’s easier to be organized when you have a place to put everything. If you’d rather not purchase a new piece of furniture, make do with what you have. My number one piece of advice is to not put anything on the floor. Have products, books or your own things that you want to photograph for a blog post? Make a space for all of it on a dedicated shelf, buffet table or basket.

Don’t forget to make space for things like task lighting, a comfortable chair and perhaps a filing cabinet.

How often do you use your dining room for dining? Do you use the room for another purpose as well?

About the Author: left behind her career in interior design to live in Vancouver, Canada, where she writes the home organization, travel and DIY blog She enjoys the mild West Coast weather, , and sharing her passion for home décor.


  1. Ari says

    Interesting, I never thought about using the dining room as anything else, but it’s true that if it’s a space that’s not used as much, it can be practical to store items in the room or use it as a office. I really like that hutch/secretary desk because it doesn’t even look like it could be a desk if all the doors were closed. Pieces of furniture like that can definitely change your entire space by making it more functional! This gives me a lot of ideas on how I could change the dining room we have so we could use it as an additional room. Thanks for sharing these ideas and tips!

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