The Evolution of Dreamwork’s “The Croods” Creatures

croods-animals You’ve met the family, now it’s time to dive into the creatures in the prehistoric world of “The Croods.”

While at the Dreamworks campus, we not only got an in depth look at the creation of the family, but we also saw what went into the creation of the vast world of animals. Some may seem familiar, others may leave you scratching your head, but all were born at Dreamworks.

“I really felt strongly that we should have a couple of animals that are your staples like saber tooth tiger and mammoth,” says Chris Sanders, writer and director of the film, “we were still trying to figure out what to do with the other animals. One of our artists, Shane Pregmore [sp], he came up with a really cool solution, which was to take animals and combine them, which gave a kind of a cool feel. You could almost imagine, a long time ago, animals were different combinations that maybe, as time went on, they diverged into separate things.”

Just imagine animals names like Hippodillo, Sharkadile, Molar Bear, and more! You can almost imagine the creatures being created before your eyes just by the names alone. They created many animals, and not all show up in the movie, so there is more from where that came from.

However, a stand out creature and character from The Croods is Guy’s sidekick, Belt.

The Croods Belt

The Croods: Me with a Life Size “Belt”

So Belt? Is my FAVORITE. If there was a way to take him home, I would. Belt adds another layer to the movie and will easily become many kids favorite. “[Belt] became this unintentional star,” said Baxter, “he’s a lot of fun to animate too. He started out being a little bit more sloth like(…) but, because of the story demands, that had to change.” Many characters evolved over the period of time The Croods went from story to film, not hard to believe considering it took about 5 years to be completed.


The creation of the world The Croods existed in and the one they would be stepping into was something Visual Team had to dream up. “The interesting thing with the New World for us, is it’s not just the New World that the family discovers,” says Visual Effects Supervisor, Markus Manninen, “when they come out of their old habitat and this new world in front of them reels itself and they’re forced into it. But, for us, it was also a paradigm. We had to figure out how to create this time between time that the story took place in.”

Manninen states, “The design came out of trying to find a way to make an interesting earth that was also engaging but also acted as a story point, which is we don’t have a villain in our movie – really the world i to some degree, the villain, but it’s also, their place the live, it’s home.”

The Croods start as cave people, in a world in neutral, dark colors and as the story evolves and changes, along with the characters, “this beautiful blossoming color world comes to life in front of them and shocks us as an audience because we’re going through the journey with them.”


The Croods takes us on an evolutionary journey, not only through the growth of the family, but also in the creation of their unique creatures and the world between the family’s past, and their future. It’s a journey not to be missed. The Croods opens March 22.

Disclosure: I attended a media event with accomodations provided for the purposes of this post. However, all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. Janet W. says

    I love that picture of you with Belt! Cute! This looks like a fantastic movie. Still haven’t seen it yet, but would love to take my grandson!

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