Why I Can Never Get Anything Done

*This is on a non event/screening/interview day*

6:30am Alarm Goes Off, no one moves but me. Hit Snooze.

6:40am Alarm- turn off my kinda accident.

7:00am- OH CRAP. Wake Joe by smacking him cause the man sleeps like the dead, find pants, head to bathroom. Potty, brush teeth, wash hands, splash face, wake Sofia…all in about 2- 3 mins.

7:05am Grab weather appropriate clothes for Sofia as she argues why should wear non-weather appropriate clothes with her dress up shoes. Joe comes to referee..has waffles and fruit for Sofia. Peace for 5 mins…maybe.

7:10am First Glance at emails via my Phone. Reads 123 unread emails. Damn those East Coasters.

7:15am Sofia has yet to brush teeth or remotely get ready. Yell to HURRYBUTTUPSOFIA.

7:20am Go drag Sofia to bathroom so she can brush her teeth. Yelling, stomping and eye rolls occur. Me, not her.

7:25am.. OHMYGODSOFIAGETDRESSEDNOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW. Joe makes me coffee. Good timing that one.

7:30am Brush her hair, put it up, watch as she spazzes about wanting a braid, or 2 ponytails, or a different shirt, shoes, skirt…blah blah…one more time.

7:35am Backpack- check. Snack- check. All clothing still clean- check. Sofia now is apparently saying WE are making her late. Yup. WE ARE. Joe grabs my keys, Kiss both he takes her to school.

7:40am Begin deleting press releases, free offers, spray and pray emails, Oh…a SALE at *InsertBestSaleoftheDayHere*- Click.

8:00am Joe returns, I have bought new dress and hand bag, managed to not read a single work related email cause, you know, shopping. MOAR COFFEE.

8:01-9:15am Breakfast sometimes, News, Read emails (which only grow no matter how many I delete), Make List of what needs to be done today.

9:15 I need to shower- must check social media first

9:20 I’ll shower after this one more email/facebook/tweet

9:25 Seriously…just checking this one more… crap. Yes, You won’t be late Joe

9:30 Ok…I’ll shower when I get back. Find sunglasses, hair tie and flip flops. Go drop Joe off at work. Reminds me we need cat food so I HAVETO go to the store or the cats will eat me alive. Sure. Ok. Uh huh.

9:50am He is at work, plan to go home, shower and start writing. Oh wait… Starbucks drive through will help.

10:00am Pull into Starbucks. Drive Through looks like 405 freeway.

10:25am Pull away from Starbucks….mmm coffee and pastry.

10:32am Home. I’ll shower after I work a little.

10:33am Holy crap how’d I get another 150 emails…delete, read, delete…

11:00am Log into blog. Stare at Blank screen. Have 10 posts I *should* be writing… but kinda not feeling them. Stare some more. Search Facebook for inspiration…

12:15pm Facebook sucked, Let’s try Pinterest

1:45pm Oh crap still need shower. Look at Blank Post. Cat growls. Hmm.. I’ll shower when I get back from Target. Only getting Cat food!

2:00pm Arrive at Target. Read/Reply/Delete emails while shopping.

4:00pm Just spent $200 at Target but INEEDEDEVERYTHING. Was not only non-makeup, yoga pants, bun wearing mom there.

4:15pm Pick up Sofia…put on lipstick in attempt to look like I showered.

4:30pm, Pick up Joe. Takes one look…shakes head.

5:00-8:00 pm Homework (seriously, Kindergarten homework is 12-15 pages a week!), help Sofia journal, help her read to me, dinner somewhere in there…bedtime for kiddo.

8:01-8:30pm Shower…finally

8:31pm-10:00pm Parent time. Kinda where we remember why we got together in the first place but add random “mommy, I want water” and “daddy, can you tuck me in for the 10th time” til about 8:45.

10:01pm-1:00am Oh, it’s quiet. I can work.



  1. herlinda says

    Found your blog weeks ago and I love it! you are funny and I love seeing all the cool stuff you get to do!

  2. says

    Haha – This sounds a bit like my days, but my child is only 2. So there’s less running out of the house (no drop off/pick up from school) but other than that, it sounds about right!

  3. says

    WOW! What a schedule! I am currently working with my three year old and preschool here at home. It’s been a journey and my day is pretty filled. My blog is a work in progress. I really enjoy your posts! :)

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