The Children’s Place: Best Looks of Spring 2013 #PLACESpring

Spring means a lot of things. The start of flowers blooming, the sun shines a bit brighter for a few hours longer, the weather starts to warm up from the cold, chilly temps of winter. But spring also brings something that I have looked forward to since I was a young girl, and now, my daughter does too. SPRING FASHION!

PLACESpring 2013


Last month, I got a chance to check out the latest trends and styles for kids from my favorite kids clothing store and while there I got a chance to shop ad pick up some outfits for my little princess at home. What I love about The Children’s Place is how budget friendly all their clothes are…even the latest styles! They are also super durable, and high quality meant to for play and more. What my daughter loves (ok, and me too!) is that each item is designed with even the latest in high fashion couture in mind.

Spring 2013 is a time for brights and gorgeous dresses to emerge from the winter chill. I had a lot of fun picking out my picks for the best of Spring 2013 from The Children’s Place and even more fun dressing and getting my girl to model them for me! Here are a few of our favorites.

Sparkly Ballerina Inspired Dress- PLACESpring

Children's Place Dress- Sofia and Daddy PLACESpring


Neons and Skinny Jeans PLACESpring


Blue Romper PLACESpring


Butterfly Hi-Lo Dress


The Children’s Place is “the” place for all your kids clothing needs…keep them looking stylish and keep your wallet happy. Make sure to sign up for their exclusive sales and deals via The Children’s Place website, also keep in touch via Children’s Place on Twitter and Children’s Place on Facebook.


One lucky reader will win a $25 Children’s Place Gift Card. US only please- Void where prohibited. Ends 4/22 at 11:59pm EST. Enter on the form below- Good luck!



Disclosure: I received one or more items above for the purposes of this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Photographs are the original work of Yolanda Machado and may not be reused, reposted, or repurposed without explicit written permission. 


  1. Mami2jcn says:

    I love the colorful and fun clothes & accessories. I also really like their footed pajamas.

  2. Janet W. says:

    I love their great prices and variety of tees for Boys!

  3. Carmen Van Deursen says:

    I like the basic polo for my son.

  4. Livivua Chandler says:

    i love the screen printed tees!

  5. Christine M says:

    I just learned they have one piece sleepers in big sizes!

  6. Carol W says:

    I love the cute clothing and how everything matches, and all the great deals i get. thanks

  7. Kimberly Bauer says:

    The clothes are great quality and great prices.

  8. rich morris says:

    I love their holiday outfits

  9. Sonya Morris says:

    I love how cute and affordable the clothing is!

  10. Katie K says:

    They always have super cute seasonal clothes

  11. Kathleen says:

    inexpensive but quality clothing

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  12. Jennifer says:

    The clothes are super cute, affordable and durable!

  13. Michelle C says:

    I like that the Children’s Place has clothing that my kids and I can agree on. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  14. Tamar says:

    It’s such stylish stuff.

  15. amy pugmire says:

    They have the cutest clothes and best sales

  16. Jamie says:

    I love them because they have good quality at reasonable prices.

  17. Katie Roch says:

    I love The Children’s Place because they have adorable clothing at affordable prices

  18. Tabathia B says:

    I like that they offer many safe choices of clothing for girls instead of really, really short shorts and tops

  19. Barbara Montag says:

    I love shopping at The Children’s Place because they have great clearance sales.
    Thank you.

  20. Emily N says:

    The have great clothes that fit my daughter well. They have good prices and sales.

  21. Cynthia C says:

    I love that they carry cotton pj’s

  22. Christina Marie says:

    I love the Children’s Place because they have nice clothes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Monique Rizzo says:

    They have such colorful unique clothes.
    Thanks for the chance.

  24. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says:

    They have some really nice styles and high quality clothing at Children’s Place.

  25. Rebecca Graham says:

    Their clothing is of good quality and they have a good selection.

  26. Terri Moore says:

    The Children’s Place has stylish clothes that are well made and super cute.

  27. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I love the styes they have to choose from and their clothing last

  28. Audra Weathers says:

    I like their selection of girl’s t-shirts (very cute graphics) and sleepwear. I think their 2 piece sleep sets fit my daughter great and they have nice prints to choose from.

  29. Kelsey Apley says:

    They have great prices, and adorable clothes!!

  30. Mary says:

    My girls love the clothes and so do i!

  31. Jessica Eaton Ledford says:

    I love the Children’s Place for their great prices, fun colors, and comfortable fabrics!

  32. Kelly D says:

    I love the Children’s Place because my kids can go in and choose several mix and match tops and bottoms without spending a lot of money

  33. Jenn says:

    I love them because between their sales, and coupons, I can really stretch my money. They also have great quality clothing.

  34. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Love that they have unique clothes!

  35. dawn k says:

    They have great sales, and quality clothes.

  36. Monica Young says:

    I love childrens place because they have affordable quality clothing and have some amazing online sales too! Love the occasional free shipping!

  37. Priscilla Benavides says:

    I like the Children’s Place because they have good deals!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  38. Wild Orchid says:

    I love the great quality of the clothing at the Children’s Place.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 @ gmail dot com

  39. Jen H says:

    footie jammies in big sizes and great sales!

  40. Brynn says:

    They always have such great sales going on and their clothes are not cheaply made.

  41. Victoria Carlson says:

    I love the Children’s place because their clothes are affordable and unique!

  42. Leandrea says:

    I love the bright colors!

  43. Bass, J says:

    I love the Children’s Place because it offers fashionable clothing for my youngsters.

  44. Stephanie Larison says:

    I love the prices, and the way the clothes fit my daughter. I never have to second guess about the sizes there!

  45. Mary Casper says:

    they have a great variety and reasonable prices

  46. Maureen says:

    I like that the quality of the clothes and yet affordable prices lets me dress my three young children in style while staying on budget!

  47. Noreen says:

    They have leggings my kids will actually wear

  48. Danielle T says:

    bc they have the cutest outfit ideas!

  49. Vera K says:

    I like the cute trendy clothes at reasonable prices.

  50. Danielle B says:

    They have SUCH cute clothes!

  51. Nicole Larsen says:

    I love it because the clothes are always so stylish and cute and reasonable prices!

  52. Ellie W says:

    I love their great clothes that are cute and durable for my boys.

  53. Stephanie Gossett says:

    Because the clothes really hold up!

  54. Crystal F says:

    They have super cute clothes at great prices. Thank you!

  55. Caroline B says:

    They provide quality clothes for kids at affordable prices.

  56. Kyl Neusch says:

    like the screen printed tees

  57. Jeanna says:

    I like they outfits and how they can be all mismatched!

  58. Denise S says:

    I love the variety of cute clothes.

  59. Suzie Williams says:

    I like how their clothing is well made and that they are always having sales.

  60. Rachel G says:

    They have adorable clothes for a reasonable price.

  61. clenna says:

    My grand daughter loves the playful themes – the beach, dogs, bling.
    She loves it because she thinks the clothes are so girly. But my grand son likes the boy designs too.

  62. yehudis says:

    Children’s Place has cute clothing at affordable prices

  63. Michelle Koerner says:

    I can always find something that I like, and they always have good prices and sales!

  64. sarah cooper says:

    always easy to find something cute, good sales too!

  65. danielle lima says:

    cute clothes at awesome prices

  66. Vicky H. says:

    They always have great styles for kids and often have fantastic sales~

  67. soha molina says:

    They have great styles.

  68. Tara says:

    love the cute clothes and sales!

  69. Carolsue says:

    I love the quality of their clothes and the variety of matching outfits they carry!

  70. tracy h. says:

    I love the fact that they have good quality clothes for sooo reasonable prices

  71. Jessie C. says:

    I like their great sales and selections

  72. polly says:

    I love the variety and quality of clothes they have for my 4 year old grandson

  73. Car Bomb Mom says:

    Great clothes at great prices.

  74. Robyn Galloway says:

    Their clothes are super stylish and the quality is awesome, but they are also super affordable!

  75. Robin says:

    I love their children clothing selection

  76. sandra davis says:

    i like the quality and the variety of clothes they have

  77. brandy g. says:

    They have great clothes at affordable prices!

  78. Ashley says:

    The prices! they are affordable

  79. Nicolle says:

    love the dresses they have the best clothes.

  80. Denise B. says:

    I like the quality of their clothing.

  81. Ruben Ramos says:

    Tons of great clothing and affordable

  82. Kathleen Downes says:

    They have really cute clothes at reasonable prices.

  83. Tanya White says:

    The awesome price and quality of the clothing.

  84. Paula Hafner says:

    I love how stylish and cute their clothing is. My son gets so many compliments on outfits that I buy him there. His current favorite is his new fedora that we bought there a couple of weeks ago.

  85. jessica c says:

    they have cute affordable clothes

  86. ria says:

    cute clothes, great prices

  87. Julie Murphy says:

    their clothes just have a fun attitude about them

  88. Chris Martinez says:

    The clothing is cute, well-priced, and comfortable for my kids! Nothing scratchy or itchy.

  89. Tyler Cramer says:

    the prices are great and their clothes are adorable

  90. Laura Jacobson says:

    OH I love the quality of their clothes! They seem to last a long time and really hold up well!!!!

  91. caitlin tate says:

    good prices

  92. Brian says:

    I love all the clothes!

  93. Erin W says:

    I love that their clothes are so different in style (so cute!) versus what I find at department stores.

  94. Kathleen Fitzsimmons says:

    Because they have high quality cute clothes

  95. Karen M says:

    The Children’s Place has such cute clothes for boys and girls. Thanks.

  96. Brenda Elsner says:

    I love their prices.

  97. Amy Martin says:

    Great prices on jeans when on sale

  98. Adrienne says:

    The prices and qualities are great!

  99. Ellen C. says:

    I love Children’s Place because their clothes last and their sales are awesome. Thanks for the chance.

  100. shirley says:

    They have in style clothes, and great sales.

  101. Melody Rensberger says:

    They have great variety!

  102. naomi c says:

    i love children’s place because they ALWAYS have what i am looking for – especially for special occasions

  103. Denise Donaldson says:

    they have lots of cute clothes

  104. jennifer horn says:

    I love them because they have cute, quality clothes at great prices.

  105. Teresa Crosswhite says:

    I like the variety at Children Palace

  106. Kari Flores says:

    I love The Children’s Place because they are reasonably priced and they have a huge, cute selection of clothing for both boys and girls.

  107. Laura P says:

    Love their selection and the fact that they have an outlet right by my house!

  108. I love Children’s Place for their great selection and awesome prices!

  109. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love how nice their clothes are. they have so many styles to choose from and the best selection of any other store

  110. Nancy says:

    I love their high quality clothing!

  111. Rhonda Grisham says:

    They have quality clothes at great prices!

  112. Becca says:

    They have such cute clothes for my nieces and nephews!

  113. Teresa Thompson says:

    They have affordable prices and beautiful selections.

  114. Erinn A says:

    I love their styles and colors!

  115. Michelle Stice says:

    I love the quality and variety of clothes for kids. Also some of the cutest holiday and pictures outfits !

  116. Diane Cooper says:

    I have always loved how all their colors coordinate! Not to mention good quality at a really great price. Lots of sales and coupons are nice, too!

  117. shawna says:

    I love that I can get good quality clothes for a great price.

  118. Holly S. says:

    They always have the prettiest dresses for girls!

  119. Tiffany Hearn says:

    I love that they have cute clothes at great prices!

  120. Pamela H. says:

    I like Children’s Pace for the terrific selection of clothing and great sale prices.

  121. Jo Ricker says:

    Great prices and Cute Clothes of course!!

  122. Kristin Sawatzke says:

    I love their great prices and great quality!

  123. latanya says:

    their great price and quality of clothes

  124. Diana Hatch says:

    I like Children’s Place because they have such cute clothes for my granddaughters

  125. Tracie Trump says:

    Love their summer dresses for little girls, my fb is Tracie Michelle Trump and my email is

  126. kimberly pugliese says:

    i love them because they have super cute clothes at affordable prices!

  127. stephanie says:

    I love Children’s Place for their great sales and clearance and their wonderful difference of things too! There is something for everyone there!

  128. I love the prices and I love that the clothes coordinate, making it easier for dad to dress her.

  129. Heidi says:

    They always have great styles and collections featured, plus they are constantly having money saving sales!

  130. Jessica says:

    They have such great prices and usually have coupons and sales going on. Love their clothes!

  131. amy deeter says:

    i like the variety of clothes

  132. wendy rozema says:

    i like that they have great quality affordable cute clothes for my kids!!

  133. Glenna F says:

    I love them because their clothes are built to last, even through my son.

  134. Christina Anne says:

    I like Children’s Place because they have great quality

  135. harold says:

    Stylish and affordable!

  136. Julieh says:

    I love all the cute clothes at children’s place

  137. Robyn Huffman says:

    The clothes are so cute and such great quality. Great prices and the clothing lasts so much longer (and can stand up to my toddler!). Plus the clothes actually fit my daughter right, it’s not a guessing game like it is with other brands.

  138. Rebecca Peters says:

    I love the style and their sales

  139. kathy pease says:

    I think their wide variety of clothing is adorable

  140. Claire says:

    I love that they carry cotton pj’s

  141. courtney hennagir says:

    i was just there today and they have the cutest stuff! i love that they have great styles and they are affordable and durable.i especially love their pajamas.

  142. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    They have great name brand clothes for really nice prices.

  143. 1955nurse says:

    Love their clothes – they’re well-made, well-priced AND they have FANTASTIC sales, too! Thanks for the chance, sure could use this!

  144. Linda says:

    I love to shop there because they have quality clothes

  145. Becky Richied says:

    So love the childrens place because not only was I lucky enough to be able to dress my own children in their clothes, but now I get the opportunity to dress my four grandchildren in their clothing as well.

  146. phxbne says:

    cute styles at great value

  147. Allison says:

    Tons of sleepers

  148. Savannah miller says:

    I LOVE that Children’s Place has clothing that keeps my little guy looking super cute :)

  149. Derek Timm says:

    I love the great quality/name brand!

  150. mary gardner says:

    because they have cute clothes and great sales!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  151. Laura Unger says:

    I love their clothes because they are such great quality, and there’s always so much variety!

  152. Jenny Q says:

    I love the prices at Children’s Place and I like the selection.

  153. Allison says:

    I love that they are reasonable in price.

  154. Gennie Lancaster says:

    I love Children’s Place because I can get great clothes for my daughter at great prices!

  155. Jimmy says:

    I like the variety of clothes they offer

  156. Carolyn says:

    I love that they have super cute clothes at good prices

  157. Carolyn Daley says:

    I like The Children’s Place because we have a convenient location near our house and the kids love the graphic tees.

  158. T.h.Ransom says:

    I love that their clothes are great to mix and match!

  159. Virginia says:

    Everybit helps thanks for the chance!

  160. Suzanne Lewis says:

    I like to shop here because the clothes are so cute.

  161. cassandra says:

    I like them for their price and style

  162. Jenny says:

    I love the adorable clothes and great prices! I buy just about all of my daughter’s clothes there. :)

  163. Jennifer Reed says:

    I love the durability of their clothing.

  164. Josephine D says:

    I like that they have cute clothes at reasonable prices.

  165. cassandra mccann says:

    I would LOVE a $25 Children’s Place Gift Card from Sassy Momma.

  166. Janet F says:

    I like the great selection of kids clothing at The Children’s Place.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  167. Fiona N says:

    I love shopping at Children’s Place because they have a lot of sales and great designs!
    Thank You

  168. Alycia says:

    I love The Children’s Place as their clothes are fabulous quality for a good price!

  169. kathy dalton says:

    they have the best deals

  170. Laurie Emerson says:

    They always have so much to choose from and have reasonable prices

  171. Lisa Garner says:

    I love The Children’s Place because they have such great styles and wonderful sales.

  172. Sand says:

    I like the selection of clothes.

  173. Julia Goldberg says:

    The have a cute selection of little boys clothes.

  174. Denise m says:

    love the quality, the clothes hold up well

  175. Gianna says:

    They have cute clothes.

  176. Dawn Monroe says:

    They have a wide variety and they are a trusted name among kid stores.

  177. Amber says:

    I love their adjustable waist pants!

  178. I love how cute their clothes are!! So trendy and stylish!

  179. Cynthia R says:

    cute clothes at great prices, so many colors/patterns/prints, its great

  180. Chrissy Blake says:

    I love these outfits and your daughter is beyond adorable. I just bought some great spring clothes for my girls at Burlington this weekend. I love their discounts and the styles this spring are great. I bought more than I should have, but I did save about $150 on my purchases.


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