Keeping My Family Safe From A to Z #LifeLock

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From the moment I first held my daughter, I knew what my job was: to keep her safe. As she has grown, my concerns have changed and adjusted for her age. I’ve gone from wondering what kind of diapers to use, so her delicate skin won’t get rashes, to covering electrical sockets and coffee table edges, so she doesn’t injure herself… to now, teaching her our phone numbers and stranger danger, just in case she is ever lost or not near us.

Most recently we have discussed adding a home desktop so that she can start going online to her favorite kid’s sites to do activities and play games. As a blogger as well as a parent, I know the many dangers that lurk right at the touch of a key, so I have tried to research ways to let her explore the internet, yet keep her, as well as my husband and I safe. Keeping her safe will always be my priority, whether it’s in cyberspace or in the kitchen, and I need something that is not only trustworthy but can help protect against what’s out in cyberspace that may be ready to steal my daughter’s, husband, or my identity.

LifeLock is one of the ways you can protect yourself online. LifeLock is a suite of services (including credit monitoring) that work together to protect your identity from various risks including credit fraud.¬†LifeLock provides members with the facts and offers them assistance in protecting their identify. It’s the perfect choice for my family cause I want something that works as deligently and relentlessly as I would. Isn’t that what every mother wants?

For more information on LifeLock services visit their website:


  1. Tammy S says

    It is so scary how easy people can get your information now a days. We have made sure we even get a copy of our children’s credit reports. That way we know if someone is using their information.

  2. Sandy Cain says

    Identity theft is growing geometrically. It’s the kind of crime that was rare 20 years ago, but now, in the cyber/digitial world, any high school kid can hack into your personal personal stuff. LifeLock is not a luxury – these days it’s a necessity. Thanks for the info!

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