Projects, Hammers and Monsters University at Lowe’s Build and Grow #DisneyStory

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Last weekend, Monsters University, the long anticipated “prequel” to Monsters, Inc was released. Sofia asked me about 100 times if we could see it that very weekend. I would give her my “maybe’s” or “we’ll see” but secretly? I had already planned our whole Monsters University adventure.

Lowe’s has Build and Grow workshops almost every weekend, and each weekend the “theme” changes. Because Monsters University had partnered with them, they held two special Build and Grow events to create two MU items. One was the toy characters and the other was a wooden chest. These workshops are super popular, so by the time I had heard of it, most of the online registration was filled up. In fact, I had to drive 30 minutes out to get to a Lowe’s with open spots. I surprised the kids by taking them to see the movie and then telling them they were going to build a MU toy. To say they were excited was an understatement, and what happened at the workshop is something only pictures can tell. I put together a Story using the Disney Story App which you can check out below.

The kids had a great time and they were so proud that they got a chance to build something. It’s Sofia’s favorite trinket right now and a very fun, FREE way to celebrate a film that we all enjoyed as a family.

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  1. Sarah L says:

    What fun they had! Cute story book too.

  2. Charlotte says:

    What a blast they look like they had! Very cool that Lowe’s has these projects for kids, and parents to enjoy quality time together! We’ve never been but from the looks on these little faces, we might just have to go from now on!

  3. Tammy S says:

    What a neat event! I love how companies are putting on events for kids. I am glad they enjoyed their special treat.

  4. Kathy says:

    Great time. Lowes does great projects for kids glad your kids were able to enjoy this one


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