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This year Sofia began 1st grade and I was running around town, oh, the very day before trying to get every single thing done to have her ready for the year ahead. Doctor’s visit- check. School Supplies- check. School outfits- check check check. But there was something I actually didn’t think about, something I now realize I was overlooking for too long. Probably because I have sucked at my own check ups. The dentist.

It wasn’t cause we were afraid of the dentist. I actually didn’t know when the first visit was recommended and also, we haven’t had dental insurance since, well, she was born. I’ve been freelancing for the past couple years and my husband’s job has pitiful insurance, so whenever I looked into dental insurance I thought, why the hell am I going to pay $75-150 a month just to get a check up and cleaning once a year…maybe?  Well, when I learned the recommended age to take a child to their first dental exam according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is before their 1st birthday (when first teeth appear), I knew I had to remedy that immediately (5 yrs late…oy!).

Brighter Logo is a new service local to Los Angeles (they will expand nationally over the next year or so). What they offer is set fees, which are listed right on the page, for visits to your local dentist. From exams and xrays to crows and more, Brighter deals with dentists who handle everything, at pre-negotiated rates, much like insurance companies do. Brighter gives members the most information possible to make an educated decision on their dental care. You can look at the price comparisons between dentists as well as their yelp reviews, credentials, browse pictures and videos, and also schedule your appointments right on their site, all with a satisfaction guarantee. This was perfect for us, and we scheduled Sofia’s first dental visit immediately.

2013-08-12 12.20.32

I was able to pick a dentist just a few miles away with a 5 star rating on yelp. I don’t know about you, but those insurance packets full of names are something I dread looking through. How are you supposed to pick someone to care for you based on the phone book principal. I want reviews, experiences, real info from people that go to that dentist. I LOVED that Brighter featured Yelp reviews right on the list of dentists page. I ended up picking a great dentist based on the yelp reviews. The office was wonderful and I don’t think we could have asked for a better experience for her first dental visit. The assistant explained everything to Sofia in terms she could understand and no question went unanswered.

2013-08-12 12.25.48

Sofia was perfectly at ease and actually enjoyed her appointment. Even though I was 5 years late, we walked out with a clean bill of teeth. The dentist explained to her how she should brush her back teeth more and a couple other tips like avoiding sodas and sugary snacks.  As a mom, I’ve told her hundreds of times, but hearing it from the pros definitely sunk in.

2013-08-12 12.37.27

2013-08-12 12.50.29

We went in scheduled for an exam, cleaning and xrays…and our rate was set. No surprise fees or upcharges. Sofia has a great experience and we have found our dentist., this smile is for you.

2013-08-12 13.03.53


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I wish That this site existed around here. I am glad that you found a good dentist for your daughter and that her teeth were in good shape.


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