DIY Chandelier: Fall Harvest #LowesCreator

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Fall Harvest Chandelier


I know it’s still August, but my daughter has already gone back to school, so I am in a fall state of mind. Fall has always been my favorite season, despite the fact that in Los Angeles it’s really only here for a couple weeks sometime in November. When I first moved to the East Coast, it was August of 1999, and within a month, I got to experience my first real fall. Now, I think about the colors I would see the trees change to and the delicious scents of hot chocolate and chimneys warming up every morning. Nothing beats the mix of crisp morning air nestled with burning wood from the chimneys and holding a warm cup of coffee. Some days, I do miss it.

Lowe’s gave us the option of Fall Harvest Decor this month, and I decided to rise up to the challenge. I wanted to bring a taste of those East Coast falls inside my home and thought I needed a decorative chandelier for a little nook area near my “office” space. Here is how I did it.

DIY Chandelier: Fall Harvest

DIY Chandelier Steps

Supplies Needed


  1. Gather your supplies and get ready for awesome!
  2. I wrapped the ends of my pipes with duct tape.
  3. Insert an end into the coupling and push in hard so that it is tight.
  4. You’ll need to ask someone for help for this part. Bend your pipe into a circle. The pipe is tough so have someone hold it down while you grab the other end to insert. I put a little super glue in the coupling to make the seal stay.
  5. When the pipes are couples, wrap more duct tape around the joined section to ensure it to keep together.
  6. Wrap one garland around and set up where you want to glue it down.
  7. Using a hot glue gun, Glue a few pieces on the inside and let dry.
  8. After wrapping more garland (if needed, I used 2, but may add another 2 later), add any small decor you gathered. I found these cute squash pieces that fit my theme perfectly!
  9. Set down and let all glue set. It’s pretty so far! DIY Fall Chandelier Step Two
  10. Using the trustee glue gun again, wrap burlap ribbon around one end once and glue down. Stretch ribbon across and wrap. You should be able to pick up like a handle. Do the same with another ribbon at a 90 degree angle to the first.
  11. Your ribbon should meet like a 4 point intersection. Cut a small hole through the intersection and slip a ribbon or string through.
  12. Wrap multiple times and make a loop. Knot a few times. Wrap your garland of lights last and now you can hang up your gorgeous chandelier!

DIY Fall Harvest Decoration

Now you have yourself a beautiful piece of decor to get a piece of fall inside. Although, you could probably hang this from a tree also and make it really stunning for an outdoors get together or just some tea for two. My little nook never looked better!

DIY Chandelier


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  1. Rosie says

    It came out adorable! I’m glad you’re in a fall mood, I’ve been for a couple of weeks – when the first leaves started changing, it was like getting hit by Cupid’s “fall” arrow. I like making fall wreathes and things with leaves. You did a great job on this.


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