Westfield Culver City For All Your Back to School Needs #WestfieldB2S

This is a sponsored post by Westfield. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Back to School in Los Angeles is a race all of it’s own. We start school mid August here and it seems to creep up on everyone suddenly (even though some of us may have been counting down to it, ahem). While I was able to do some shopping prior, I still had so much left to buy for my 1st grader to be. I needed to do all my shopping in one stop….and avoid traffic from running from place to place! We headed to Westfield Culver City for their Back to School weekend. I’ve been going to Westfield Malls all over Los Angeles for about a decade and have always loved each experience, so it seemed only natural for me to take my daughter shopping there!

First thing I did was download the Westfield App to my Android phone. It’s full of great info such as maps, deals, parking and more. Next, I checked the list of stores to form a game plan for us. My daughter is a bit of a budding fashionista, so not just any store would do. She may only be 6, but she’s a girl who knows what’s in and she definitely knows what she likes. Which can make my planning a bit harder. Lucky for me, Westfield is full of stores who cater to in-the-know kids like my own. The game plan was based on items every kid heading back to school needs: shoes, jacket, pants, supplies and a break for lunch. We were ready and she was excited.

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Our first stop was to check out the Back to School event in the Macy’s Court. Not only was there fun giveaways (and one you can enter until August 31!) but there was crafts and some personalized bling going on. We didn’t get to bling out an item, but I did discover how crafty my little girl is. She adored making her own bag swag and now is requesting beads all.the.time.


After a short interview, we had a camera follow us as we shopped, which made everyone kinda wonder who we are (Hi, we’re awesome. How are you?). We hit Journeys for some great shoes (her pick), Disney Store for a Little Mermaid varsity jacket and T-shirts (her pick again), and Children’s Place for some necessary clothes like jeggings, skinny jeans and hoodies (you guessed it, her pick).

There were major back to school sales everywhere and we didn’t want to miss any of them. But we had earned a lunch break. Dining is also super easy to find at Westfield Culver City. We had a myriad of options. We stuck to our family favorite, Olive Garden and had a great and filling early dinner.


We hit up Target last for some quick supplies and some household items we needed. I also check out the Best Buy Mobile SAS store to see pricing on some laptops and learning software. While I didn’t get any then, I did make a checklist of items to buy in the future. Our WestfieldB2S experience was amazing, and I cannot imagine ever going anywhere else. It truly has everything you need…and more. Westfield, I’ll see you this Christmas.

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