Las Posadas Craft and Hostess Gift: DIY Drink Coasters #LowesCreator

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This year, I am introducing “Las Posadas” to my family. I have never celebrated it before but I love the festivities and history, plus it gives me a way to introduce pieces of my Latin culture to my daughter. Las posadas originated in Spain, but is now mainly celebrated in Mexico and Guatemala. It is a celebration of 9 days, symbolizing the 9 months of Mary’s pregnancy, and the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Each evening, groups sing as Mary and Joseph go from place to place asking for lodging until finally, someone says yes. The whole group gathers inside to celebrate and feast on tamales, champurrado, buñuelos and more.  It’s nine days of song, of food and of family. This will be our first year celebrating it and I am so excited to start this wonderful tradition.

While gifts are not commonly exchanged during these celebrations, I’m the type that doesn’t come to a celebration empty handed. I made these drink coasters quickly and easily using clip art I found at Teachers Pay Teachers and some porcelain tiles. Here is how.

DIY Drink Coasters


DIY Drink Coasters 05


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  1. First thing is to find the art work you want to use and size it do fit your tile. You can use regular paper but I used a tissue paper which worked really well for the look I wanted to achieve.
  2. Cut out your art, sized to your tile. I used an X-acto knife and cut around.
  3. Apply mod-podge directly to the tile. I tried it onto the tissue paper first, but it makes it really flimsy and hard to handle. It was easiest to apply direct to the tile and then carefully place and smooth out the paper.
  4. Set your tiles aside to dry. While they are drying, cut your cork board to have at least 4 small pieces per tile. Set aside.DIY Drink Coasters 04
  5. Once tiles are dry, apply another layer (or two, if you prefer) of Mod Podge onto the artwork to seal it in and give it a matte look. Let dry.
  6. Flip tile over when it’s dry, and apply cork pieces to each corner of the tile. Use krazy glue to affix. I book a small-ish book on top to make sure the cork stuck.
  7. Finito! Wrap and give!

DIY Drink Coasters 01

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