Chocolate Macadamia Pudding Parfait

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Hawaiian Host Aloha Mac Pudding Parfait


When the holidays arrive, my home is usually bustling with people daily. It’s either with family that stops by to drop off items for our Christmas celebration, or friends of my daughter who run in and out, giggling and working up an appetite. I try to make sure I keep extra snacks and drinks on hand for everyone and sometimes I like to give an extra treat. It gives me my “cool mom” status among my daughter’s friends and keeps my family coming back (which is a good and a bad thing!).

For these occasions, I like to throw together something quick, easy, but ever so delicious…cause I can’t lose that cool mom status. I mean, seriously, I only have a few more years of that left. At my local Ralph’s, I saw a box of chocolates that I remembered from my childhood…Hawaiian Host Aloha Macs!

Hawaiian Host Aloha Mac Ralphs

My grandfather used to buy small gift boxes of the Aloha Macs and give us one every so often as a treat. He was kinda like a kid at heart, so he knew these delicious chocolate covered macadamias were our favorite sweet treat.

What better to serve to my loved ones than something made with the very thing I was given by my grandfather? Check out these delicious pudding parfaits I made with a recipe provided by Hawaiian Host.

Easy Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate AlohaMac Pudding Parfaits


Hawaiian Host 01

  • Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate AlohaMacs 7 oz. (14 pieces)
  • Vanilla pudding mix 1 box (4.6 oz.)
  • Whipping cream 2 cups
  • Granulated sugar 2-3 Tbsp.
  • Serving glasses such as wine or martini

Hawaiian Host 02


  1. Chop Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate AlohaMacs, and set aside 1/3 to use as a topping and 2/3 for the pudding.Hawaiian Host 03
  2. Cook vanilla pudding according to package directions.
  3. When pudding is done and warm, stir in 2/3 of the Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate AlohaMacs.Hawaiian Host 04
  4. Cover with wax paper on top (avoids film). Cool. Place in refrigerator.
  5. Whip the cream and add sugar to taste.
  6. When pudding is cold, layer glasses with pudding, sprinkle with chopped Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate AlohaMacs, then layer whipping cream. Alternate. (Layers should be approximately 1 inch).

Hawaiian Host 05


1. Use low-fat milk for a lower calorie pudding.

2. Use prepared whipping cream to save time.

Servings: 10 – 14 servings (glass size determines portions)

Hawaiian Host 06


When I set that gorgeous parfait down for my husband, his eyes went wide and then he ate it right up. Like in seconds! So yea…this is “the” treat I will be serving to anyone that walks through my doors the next week or so.

To find out more about Hawaiian Host including recipes, where to buy and more, please visit the Hawaiian Host website, the Hawaiian Host Facebook Page, or the Hawaiian Host Twitter page.


  1. Terri Moore says:

    Yum, that sounds like the perfect dessert anytime. I’m still hanging on to my cool Mom status as long as I can too. This would do it, thanks for sharing. I’m putting it on my Pinterest board so I can make it soon.

  2. Mia says:

    This looks so deliciously decadent! I might try it with some whipped coconut cream!

  3. Elena says:

    Looks so delicious! Thank you for the recipe

  4. Cynthia R says:

    wow, delicious, i love that candy too, I just tried it!

  5. Carmen V. says:

    Looks like the perfect Christmas desert.

  6. Jessie C. says:

    I love Macadamia, thanks for sharing the great idea using Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate AlohaMacs in the recipe.

  7. Linda Trinklein says:

    mmm… The only bad thing about reading the blog at 7:15pm is now I am craving this!!!!
    Thank-you for the blog post, it sounds easy enough to make and looks soo delious

  8. christina moore says:

    I would love to try this for Christmas

  9. Danielle E. says:

    That sounds beyond yummy and looks complicated to make but isn’t

  10. Kim Pinch says:

    Yummy! Looks great and even I can make this.

  11. Holly Thomas says:

    Too late for me to make for Christmas, I will make it for New Years!!

  12. Stephanie says:

    This sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing. I also love the glass that you choose to use!

  13. Cynthia C says:

    This looks like a dessert everyone in the family would enjoy.

  14. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Seriously this looks amazing! We have tried the Hawaiian Host brand of chocolate macademias when we visited Hawaii years ago. They really are good and go well chopped up in chocolate chip cookies also.

  15. Brandy Davis says:

    This looks like “the” treat for sure. Gonna make this for my husband : )

  16. yum! that sounds super good. i haven’t seen or heard of that candy before, but it sounds delicious!

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

  17. mary gardner says:

    This looks like something we would all like and my 11 year old daughter who is trying a few things in the kitchen could help with it! I can’t wait to try it!

  18. Laura J says:

    Oh that looks so good! Carter loves pudding type of desserts! I have never seen the Hawaiian Host Milk Chocolate AlohaMacs before! I am going to have to find them and try this!

  19. Tracie Trump says:

    Love chocolate pudding and this recipe looks like a new family favorite, thanks!

  20. Jessica H. says:

    Yummy! I love macadamias but really don’t have them that often, and to be honest, they are mostly in cookie format! lol What a great way to incorporate them into something different. Thank you!

  21. Melissa Nagy says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe. It looks delicious.

  22. Susan Smith says:

    This sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing, I’ll have to make it for my family.

  23. Carolsue says:

    This looks truly decadent! It’s a must try and very soon!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  24. Janice Crespo says:

    OMG – my mouth is watering LOL – OK, time to redo my shopping list for tomorrow – saved your recipe – thank you!

  25. Kim Reid says:

    Oh My!! This recipe sounds so delicious, I will have to try it very soon! Thank you :)


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