Coinstar for Last Minute Gifts {Giveaway}

This is a sponsored post for Coinstar. All thoughts, opinions and photographs, unless otherwise noted, are completely my own. 

Coinstar Gifts


If you’re anything like me, you’re saying to yourself: “CHRISTMAS IS WHEN???”

It kinda snuck up on me this year. With the late Thanksgiving, everything started late and I could have sworn I had more time. More time to save, more time to shop… just more time for it all. Well… here we are, just days away and I still have lots of shopping left, but not very much to shop with.

Or so I thought.

So back in the day, when I was in my early twenties, I was a waitress. My tips were often a mix of dollars and change, so I used to place all my change in a margarita shaker (don’t judge). Christmas was coming and I wanted to get my friends a few cute, inexpensive gifts before I headed home for the holidays. With all my cash already tied up, I looked at my margarita shaker and thought… well maybe I could at least get my roommate a gift cause I assumed I had about twenty bucks in there. So I grabbed my beloved shaker and headed to the nearest supermarket… and there it was….the Coinstar machine.

Coinstar Sherpa


…and like a beautiful melody, I poured my coins in…cling-cling…cling-cling. The machine even asked for a little break, I was pouring so much in. Then I waited for my grand total.


BAM! In my not full margarita shaker, there was almost a hundred christmas gift buying dollars. Christmas was saved and my friends all got a little something from me.

So, I’m heading to my couch, and my car, and my pockets and gathering all I could to make some margarita shaker magic again. But also Christmas, my daughter wants to get a present for her cousins, which is totally cute so all the change I have gathered, I put in my upgraded shaker… the Coinstar sherpa, and gave it to my daughter.

Coinstar for Kids


…and now it’s her turn to make a little Coinstar music of her own.

So if you are smack in the middle of grabbing those last minute holiday deals, don’t forget to grab your shaker change and check out what Coinstar can do for you. 

About Coinstar

Coinstar is the easy-to-use money counting kiosk found at more than 19,000 retailers. You can turn loose coins into cash vouchers or redeem coins and cash for eCertficates or gift cards at retailers like Amazon, Old Navy, Toys“R”Us, Starbucks, Nike and Southwest Airlines, without an additional fee.

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Coinstar Facts


Enter to win a $25 Lowe’s Gift Card. This giveaway is brought to you by me! Thanks to Coinstar for providing me with change that allowed me to be able to give this gift to one lucky reader. Ends 1/3/2014, US only, void where prohibited.  GOOD LUCK!



  1. heather eg kaufman says

    I would trade in our change for a Lowes card, we are always doing home improvements!

  2. Rachel Miller says

    We use Coinstar a lot for jars of change…we use it as a treat for dinner or a movie :)

  3. Cynthia R says

    I’ve got a huge jug of change I need to bring in, maybe i’ll get a gift card to amazon or something.

  4. Linda Szymoniak says

    Cash It’s Christmas in just two days and I still need to buy a couple of gifts.

  5. Carmen V. says

    I would use it at the grocery store. With kids it always seems that I’m picking up a gallon of milk.

  6. Lisa R says

    I am going to use it for gas money for all the holiday traveling

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  7. Liberty Thompson says

    My husband and I have a jar in our bedroom full of coins and we just sent it off to a Coinstar and we came back with over $200! I will be using it to upgrade my blender so I will be able to make more tasty smoothies.

  8. Sacha Schroeder says

    We save our change for a while and then cash it in for a rainy day of fun. Like a movie day.

  9. says

    My son loves going to Coinstar and seeing the money add up! I bought stock in Coinstar years ago because I loved it so much!

  10. says

    I have a Crown Royal sack that I put my change in and I cash it it at the Coinstar at my HEB. I cash in about every 3 months and we use it for a special weekend activity.

  11. TawndaM says

    CoinStar makes it so easy to convert all that bulky change you have lying about (including the change you find on the sidewalk… hint, hint, grab that penny!) into the things you want or need

  12. Linda Trinklein says

    I would love to cash in our piggy banks with coin star, and use it to pay holiday bills!! thanks

  13. Lauren Becker says

    Love Coinstar. I usually cash in when I need money for a gift or to do something fun, like go out to eat.

  14. sherry butcher says

    I’v used Coinstar for cash to include in a card for a gift. The bank here does not have a coin couinting machine so we’d have to roll everything,

  15. JoeyfromSC says

    I”d use it to cash in all my change(alot! lol) and get a giftcard to use on houshold supplies..Thanks for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  16. Brooke says

    I’ll be using Coinstar to get rid of my coins in the car and my change purse, and I’ll be exchanging it for a Starbucks card!!

  17. Betty says

    I use Coinstar to first … clear out the accumulated coins. And then I usually put them into Amazon where they sit waiting for a great online deal.

  18. Susan Christy says

    I need to get rid of the several coin jars I have and would get a Starbucks gift card so I can have a few more Pumpkin Lattes before they quit serving them for the season.

  19. Jennifer Rogers says

    I would be using Coinstar to cash in for birthdays and Christmas presents for family!

  20. says

    I’ve never used a Coinstar before but I know the grocery store I go to most has one so I’ll have to try it! I’ll be wrangling up my change to plant my garden this year. I want to start an herb garden.

    Sarah Fischer

  21. Margaret Smith says

    We save all our change in a big jar and during the summer, we usually cash it in for spending money for vacation.

  22. Stephanie says

    I’m gonna make my boyfriend use coinstar to cash in all of his piles of change! He has got to have atleast $200!

  23. Jessica Fortner says

    Every year I save my loose change in a box and then cash it in at Coinstar at one time.

  24. Kim H says

    My husband always saves change and always ask for Lowes cards for Christmas….I bet he will pick Lowes

  25. Connie Lee says

    My husband throws in loose change in a can everyday. I can use Coinstar to count up the change.

  26. Brandy Davis says

    I have a huge old plastic water bottle we use for our change, will be using coinstar on that : )

  27. Peggy Rydzewski says

    I have a change jar and when it fills I take them to coin star for restaurant gift cards.

  28. mary gardner says

    I’ll be using it for all of the loose change that has collected in the ash tray of my car!

  29. melina r says

    I will be using coinstar to change a big jar of pennies to dollar bills. I like the concept of getting the gift cards with no fee but cash helps out better than a gift card at times.

  30. Audra O'Hara says

    I could probably clean out enough coins from my car to warrant a trip to use Coinstar. Much easier than rolling change in the little paper rollers!

  31. Lauren E. says

    we have a huge change jar thats pretty filled right now. I would use coinstar for that

  32. Jessica H. says

    We save up change all year long to use as a little extra cushion when I am not working in the summer. Having that around can be a blessing when you need it.

  33. richelle bowers says

    I have a can full of change that I would use. make it into bills and put into my savings

  34. Carolsue says

    I would use it to buy gift cards with for upcoming birthdays
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  35. Deb C says

    I use Coinstar for a treat for myself, although last time, there was so much that I got a Lowe’s gift card and bought something for the house.

  36. Denise C says

    I turn in all my change to Coinstar about every other month and get an Amazon gift card without any service charge :)

  37. Terry Cover says

    Several Jars that have filled in past 20 years, neither one of us carry change and always empty pockets and change purse when we get home.

  38. Lynne says

    I will be turning it into Amazon gift cards….my husband needs a helmet, now that he got a bicycle!

  39. farrah williams says

    i put change in a jar through out the year and then get cash at coinstar to take with us on our summer vacation.

  40. em says

    Love Coinstar! I used to go all the time in high school to cash in my coins. I have a jar filling up that I would use towards a gift card to Amazon.

  41. laurie says

    I have a jar of money I put all my change in it and I need to take it their any turn it in and see how much is their

  42. Laurana H says

    I would probably turn it into an Amazon gift card. I’m saving up credit with them to buy a treadmill.

  43. Karen M says

    I would cash my change in at Coinstar and use it as spending money on our next vacation. Thanks,

  44. Rhonda A says

    We have a coin jar that we keep in our kitchen that mom, dad and kids put all the coins they find in the car and around the house into that we use for family outings

  45. Valerie S says

    Since CoinStar is at the grocery store, after I have my change counted I use the cash to reduce my grocery bill.

  46. Diana C says

    I will be using it to clear out all the jars of coins around the house. It should be worth at least ten dollars if not more!

    Diana C


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