My Voice Over Debut: I’m Olaf and I Like Warm Hugs #DisneyFrozenEvent

I attended a media trip courtesy of Disney for the purposes of this post. All opinions (and voices) are my own.

Olaf and Yolanda

During my time at the Disney Animation Studios, where I got to learn all about the making of the latest Disney box office smash “Frozen”, we got to see a lot of amazing stuff. But we got to do some amazing things too! Like rigging Olaf, which I can tell you right away is not my forte. I liken myself to be more creative and once upon a time, I even dreamed of heading to Broadway. I wanted to be one of those triple threats: Tony, Emmy and Oscars! But alas… my time as a starving, suffering artist was not to be until one day Disney said… hey Yolanda! Come over and let us show you how you too can be Olaf!

Olaf is quickly turning into my favorite character (see above pic… we kinda go together like peas and carrots) so I definitely was interested and learned quickly that voice over acting isn’t as easy as you think. It takes timing, character and a personality like… well, like Josh Gad to really bring a character to life.

Disney Recording Booth

Where the magic happens…

I think I need a little bit more training. Listen to my voice dubbed in as Olaf and let me know… should I quit my day job? Hmm… maybe I should have tried singing. Now that would be GOLD I tell ya.


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