So I Met A Prince #DisneyFrozenEvent

I attended a media trip courtesy of Disney for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own.


Disney has a long tradition of wicked stepmothers, damsels in distress and prince charmings, but did you ever think that maybe one day, there would be a wicked….Prince?

Santino Fontina

Frozen prince hans

In Disney’s Frozen, the rules have been changed. Mom is not wicked, a maiden isn’t saved (well…ok, I won’t give it ALL away) and the Prince? Well… he’s a jerk. But not so for the guy behind his voice.

Tony nominated Broadway star, Santino Fontana voices Prince Hans, and while his character is a bit of a slime ball, Santino was far from. While on a media trip with Disney, we got a chance to sit down and chat with Santino about Frozen and how it feels to be playing the bad guy.

On whether he and his character were similar:

Little bits and pieces are definitely. Like any role, it’s kind of a match of your imagination and your experience. Hans doesn’t have a huge sense of humor. I like to think that I have a good sense of humor. I like to keep people laughing or myself laughing, because life is too hard otherwise. I’d say we’re pretty different. He has red hair. [LAUGHING.] Never could happen.

On whether he always wanted to act:

I forced my family to do a Thanksgiving play in our garage, and I was the turkey in preschool. I did kind of always do it. I also played baseball. I mean, I was a big baseball player. I always liked bringing people together and telling a story that kind of united them. I don’t think as a preschooler I thought ah, I want to be an actor.

On why he wanted to be part of Frozen:

Cause I would be a doll. [LAUGHING.] No, that was a surprise. I loved Aladdin as a kid and I remember be, seeing all those movies. I remember the day we all (me and my family and my family’s friends) we all went to see Little Mermaid, and I remember going to all those great Disney movies and being obsessed with them. I remember being obsessed with Robin Williams in Aladdin. The idea to be a part of that family is so exciting. It’s something new and I think most actors are always looking for something that’s exciting and new, that we haven’t really done.

On his big bad guy reveal:

It’s great writing. It’s a great performance and I really like that scene [the reveal] because every time I’ve seen it, people, the reaction is… last night was the first time, ’cause there was a lot of kids in the audience last night, last night was the first time I heard people clapping at my demise.[...]I’m gonna go to the movie and just sneak in to watch, just to watch the reaction, ’cause it’s so, and this is again, it’s a testament to the creators more so than my, that anything to do with me, ’cause that’s an editing feat and a story telling feat.

Frozen is now playing in theaters nationwide.

Santino with Frozen Bloggers


  1. Katie Sexton says:

    My daughter Estrella is going to see this over the weekend with her friends, how exciting to have met the prince ;)

  2. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    Im excited myself to see Frozen and I also think its a great twist the prince is evil this time. Though I have to say Santino Fontana looks like a really nice guy :)

  3. Allison Downes says:

    Looks like you had a nice trip! We really want to see this movie

    Thank you fro sharing

  4. Denise C says:

    I saw it just last weekend and thought the same thing — the entire movie seemed to be a gigantic role-reversal movie. Those two sisters really didn’t need their men for much of anything!


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