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Spring Lowes Disclaimer

When the New Year began, we had one huge to-do left over from 2013: Get organized! We moved in October 2012 and have slowly been adding furniture and our own touches to our apartment. Our daughter’s room, however, no matter what we did, seemed to always look like it was hit by a tornado. Tornado Sofia, that is.  Over time, we have added things to make it easier to keep it clean except for one BIG need that we kept putting off. A bookcase.

Sofia is a first grader who has loved books since she was an itty bitty baby. One of us reading to her has been part of the bedtime ritual since she was just weeks old. She loves it and, to be honest, so do we but we have built up quite the collection.

Wood Crate Bookcase 00

So we needed something. The problem I found was everything was too big or too small or way way way over priced. She wanted something that matched her and we wanted something that worked. I went to clean up our garage and saw some wood crates I had forgotten a friend had given me, and I immediately knew what I would do. Time to build her a bookcase!

DIY Wood Crate Bookcase


DIY Wood Crate Bookcase


Wood Crate Bookcase Materials


  1. Lay down a drop cloth or plastic. Sand down the wood crates so that it is smooth all over. Wood Crate Bookcase 01
  2. Wipe down crates so sawdust is off.
  3. Paint your crates and let dry. I used 2 layers of paint to get a nice coat all around. Wood Crate Bookcase 02
  4. Take outdoors and spray Polycrylic seal. Let dry for about an hour.
  5. When dry, apply Liquid Nails and layer your crates on top of each other. Wood Crate Bookcase 03
  6. I wanted a good hold, so I used 2 lines of Liquid Nails per wood section Wood Crate Bookcase 04
  7. Clamp the front of each level and apply weight/pressure on top layer. Clamps would be good if you had clamps long enough, but I didn’t. Let dry about 1-2 hours. Wood Crate Bookcase 04
  8. Sand down excess Liquid Nails, and using a small paint brush, paint wherever you could see dry liquid nails. Let dry.
  9. Add books and done!

DIY Wood Crate Bookcase  01

We may add a plywood reinforcement to the back and just nail it in, but this method is pretty sturdy and good for school age kids rooms. I may go with something stronger for climbing age toddlers….let me tell ya, I don’t miss that stage!

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