Muppets Most Wanted On Set Exclusive With Kermit, Miss Piggy and Walter

When you meet three of the biggest stars in the world, who also happen to be your childhood heroes, you sometimes wonder…did that really happen? Well for me, on a fateful day in May (yes… MAY…this has been K-I-L-L-I-N-G me to not blurt out!)…it actually did and now, here is the proof! I got the chance to not only go on the set of Muppets Most Wanted but also, I interviewed three of it’s stars: Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and Walter!

Muppets Most Wanted picks up just where The Muppets ended…in front of the movie theater, right after Gary proposed to Mary. Jason Segel and Amy Adams do not reprise their roles in the sequel but that doesn’t mean we don’t see what happens following. In fact, here’s a little peak:


This photo was taken the day I was on the set watching the film’s first scene being shot which crazy enough, was actually the last scene being shot.  Being ON a set is such an experience and you really get to see all the work that goes to bring the magic from set to screen. This scene was shot on Hollywood Blvd, just like the first film, but most of the movie was actually shot in Europe, London to be more precise, which Piggy felt a bit upset about.


“We shot the whole movie in a month.  Yeah, I was told we were, this movie was going to take us all across Europe,” said Piggy, “to Paris, to Madrid, to Germany.  I didn’t see anything outside of London.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love London.  Love Londoners.  That’s what you call people who live in London but it was, it was cold there.  It was cold the whole time we shot and I think I would have loved going to Madrid for just a weekend.”

All three of the stars described the new film as an action packed musical and they proudly boasted how they did their own stunts. Walter, in particular, has a very action packed scene with Kermit.

“I do some pretty exciting stunts and, uh, I’m thrilled with my role in this film.  I’ve got this big, dramatic turn” says Walter. “You see where I make a discovery and I have to rescue Kermit and I jump from a moving train into another moving train going the opposite direction. Gonzo really wanted to do it and he had some good advice for me that unfortunately made it a little more painful but he seemed happy.”



Piggy’s favorite stunt, is one I think we’ve all been longing to see. “I love the stunts where I, uh, I put on a beautiful white gown and I walk, I walk down an aisle.  That, that is a very active scene.”

But be warned, after being asked about a wedding gown, Kermit got very nervous and choked out, “I’ll just say, I’m not gonna tell you the story of the movie but it may not be what you think.”



The movie also stars Constantine, a frog from Kermit’s pond as a thief who inpersonates Kermit, Ty Burrell as Jean Pierre, an Interpol Agent and Tina Fey as Nadya, a prison guard.

Kermit, had nothing but kind words to say about his doppleganger, Constatine. “We are the same species of frog” said Kermit, “and he looks an awful lot like me only he has a mark right here like a mole and he speaks with a strange, uh, sort of Eastern European accent, yes. Now I will tell you in real life he’s not that evil but in the movie he’s very evil, you know.”


On working with Ty and Tina, Walter said, “Those guys are fantastic. Ty, Ty is really tall and, uh, he’s very tall.  I got a cramp looking at him.[…] Tina is great.  She sings.  Oh, my god, she sings like a nightingale. Yeah, oh, yeah, unbelievable. You know, she plays this prison — she’s like the head of a Russian prison and she’s really terrifying and sexy at the same time. I think I can say that.  Can I say that?”

Sexy is exactly what causes Piggy some alarm. In fact, I got the feeling that there may have been a little bit of friction on the set. When asked how she felt about Tina, Miss Piggy stated “Tina Fey. I don’t know you have to ask Kermit. He worked with her most.” She added, “I’m a confident woman.  I had no problem with Kermit working with her. He had to do all his scenes in a green screen anyways. I don’t actually let him act with the other actors.  It was all green screen. It’s in my contract.”

Oh Piggy…always thinking ahead! Being so close to a fashion icon and beauty, I had to ask what her secret was to looking so youthful, but, well… I struck out. She replied, Oh, let me tell you all my secrets.  I’m not telling you my secrets ‘cause they won’t be secrets now would they?”

Well, I couldn’t get beauty advice, but luckily the guys offered up some sage pieces of wisdom. When asked about giving advice to kids to follow their dreams, Walter said “I mean it’s like Kermit always says. You know, life’s like a movie.  Write your own ending.  Keep believing.  It’s in a song somewhere isn’t it?”

But Kermit truly gives words to live by, “you should tell your readers to never go to countries where they are an appetizer on the menu.  Very important.”

So wise, no wonder he’s been a superstar for over 35 years!

Muppets Most Wanted opens in theater on March 21, 2014 and is rated PG.


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    OMG Love the Muppets!! How on earth were you able to keep this in?!! Love your pics!! I think I would have squeezed their eyes out I would have squeezed them so tight!! What an awesome experience. Lucky! :)

  2. says

    These pictures are fantastic. I’m jealous because you got a picture with Miss Piggy. I’ve been an avid fan of Miss Piggy and Kermit since I was a tyke. I love that the new Muppet Movie is coming out in March – looking forward to it.

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