Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie Review

Opening in theaters everywhere today is Marvel’s latest installment of the Captain America series, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” Just like I said before, I wasn’t all excited when I was heading to see this one. Based on the first film, I found the Captain to be a bit…hmm…boring? His story was interesting but maybe I’m more of a narcissistic playboy type (sigh…Iron Man) cause in the first film, the Captain felt flat to me. In “The Avengers” I started to see more light to his character but still I wasn’t totally sold. Until now. Now? Hello Capitan!


In “The Winter Soldier”, we see Steve Rogers as we know him, delicious and fit, as he “jogs” around the National Mall. He meets and befriends Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) just shortly before being picked up by the kick-ass Widow, Natasha (Scarlet Johannson). Obviously, they are off on a mission to save the Universe, or SHIELD as the case may be. Soon, all is in danger, and they know not who to trust, not even their fearless leader Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) or World Security Council leader Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford). Along the way we are introduced to the Falcon, Wilson’s alter ego and a new villain, The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Scott), and it’s a battle of good vs bad to save the world once more.

The storyline isn’t perfect. In fact, some may say it’s a repetitive one. It showcases our society’s fear of government, not knowing who to trust, as well as best friend is now the enemy. Also, one staple in the Marvel Universe seems to be “just because you got killed doesn’t mean you’re dead.” But, what this film does is build characters and do more with hand to hand combat that all CGI (although there is a lot of really awesome CGI). And, oh yea, these characters look fantastic doing it all. Plus, each character gets a little deeper. Rogers find himself questioning all he believes in and Natasha shows the not-mercenary killer she always is. In fact, I have to say I felt that Natasha is what made this movie my favorite. She is fierce and bad ass but now we get to see a more personable side to her, even, one may say, a playful one. For once, there is a strong, smart female character who isn’t defined by a man or have to be a total bitch to be fierce, she is just awesome…and that, my friends, is worthy of a cheering section.

Captain America is now playing and is rated PG-13.


  1. Alex says

    Great review of captain America. I too was expecting this film to be boring, but after reading this, I’m actually looking forward to seeing it now – curiosity has taking over! :)

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