Let’s Talk About The Film: #AmericanBlogger #RealAmericanBlogger

It started yesterday. I saw it on feeds and I had to look. I write a ton about films, after all, so it’s only natural to want to see when there is a film that is kind of about me. Me, as in an “American Blogger.” Here is what I saw.


American Blogger Official Trailer from Chris Wiegand on Vimeo.


I used the day to really think about this because I was upset after seeing the trailer (haven’t seen the film yet- reached out to the director for a screener/interview with no reply as of yet). Not with the bloggers, I actually think I know a couple and happy that they are getting recognized in this massive community that we are all a part of. What bothered me was the using the name “American Blogger” and only showing a tiny portion of what an American blogger is. The film maker, Chris Weigand (husband of blogger Casey Weigand), interviewed 51 bloggers, friends of his wife, so it makes some sense that most of them fit into the same mold. Young, white (ok ok, 95% white?), pretty homes, gorgeous families…a glorified highlight reel of one chapter of an epic story in this new universe called a blogosphere. In a way, it’s brilliant. It’s an era where almost everyone you know is a blogger, yet no one knows what we do or how we do it. But this interpretation of my life (yes…I am an American Blogger after all) has some serious flaws.

You see, my friends and readers. That is not my story, not even a little bit. Also, that is not the story of I’d say more than 90% of “American” bloggers you may be reading on a daily basis. What about the fathers who are breaking fatherhood stereotypes and changing the how men talk about parenting? What about the plus size bloggers who show us daily that women are beautiful at all sizes? What about the boomer bloggers who teach us that being amazing doesn’t end at 30, 40 or 50? What about the LGBT bloggers who teach us just to love one another as we are? What about the the multitude of ethnically diverse bloggers who make up the landscape of a changing “American” culture where being an American is more than just the color of our skin?

I’m sorry but this is not the story of the “American Blogger.” This is the story of one family and their friends who blog. 51 friends out of millions and not one of them tells my story or that of my genre and niche but the film maker dares to call it “American” (even though he says is cause he traveled across the country to make this… sorry buddy, that is more like a Weigand Blogger Road Trip). So I’m going to change it.

Hi. My name is Yolanda Machado. I am a Latina woman who is a wife and mother. We are raising a bicultural child in the mixing pot called Los Angeles, my life isn’t airbrushed, my living room isn’t soft lit and my life is a bit quirky. This blog is my American blog…what’s yours?



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    thanks for sharing this Yolanda. It’s very insightful and I think the “movie/documentary” is like reality TV– certainly not reality and certainly NOT a TV show. I find that for those who really work hard at blogging provide lots more than just cute clothes and personal images of their family. Not to say that fashion doesn’t play a part but some of this is just overkill. It’s a tax-write-off vacay for them.

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    Thank you for writing this Yolanda! I completely agree. I think it’s great that a film is being made about bloggers because people still don’t know what bloggers really do. But looking at the clip – I can’t identify with them. And anyone wanting to know what I do, still may not know after watching this. For “American Blogger” as the title is simply misleading.

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    Well said. I was deflated and disappointed after the trailer as well. I honestly don’t know that I would have been as bothered if the film wasn’t titled “American Blogger.” Feels like there is a lack of interest in carrying over the title American to …other Americans.

    At any rate loved your commentary on this. Very well stated.

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    I hear what you are saying and yet I feel it discounts the bloggers who are featured. We have not seen the movie yet, but I have visited many blogger’s blogs. Most of them look to have pretty middle class lives but just are able to take nice photos or have a great style sense. I know you say you don’t have anything against the bloggers but then you say this: “My life isn’t airbrushed, my living room isn’t soft lit and my life is a bit quirky” Are you assuming theirs is?

    I find this to be one man’s work, one man’s art. If we want to show the cross-section of all bloggers than maybe we need to make our own movie. Until I see it, I am holding off judgement on his work and the bloggers involved.

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      See, I don’t see it like that. In fact, it’s the very argument I hear when people take offense to multi cultural marketing, it’s their opinion… it’s their work. No, you cannot EVER use the word “American” and leave out a gigantic portion of what makes up America. By doing so, you are making a statement that what is omitted isn’t American and I take offense to that.

      As far as my comment, that’s tongue and cheek. It’s funny. Ive been on TV, I know to look my best for the camera but are we really going to take this and see.. yup! This is me. If anything, I feel really sorry for these bloggers. Maybe their blogs are wonderful (I only know a couple) but now they just seem part of an “American” gimmick. I would be very pissed at the director if I were them.

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    First, the voice over on the trailer is so dramatic and over-the-top, it makes me laugh. Anyway, your post is well put. The biggest problem I have with this is the title, American Blogger. Then, he doesn’t feature anyone but, his wives friends, which means that the greater population of bloggers are ignored. As, a biracial female, single mother of 2, and woman of 40, I was like whoa, where is the American part? Had he chosen a different title, I don’t think there would be so much backlash.

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    I have to agree, from watching the trailer, the film won’t even begin to scratch the surface on the “American” blogosphere. People who have no clue what a blogger is will get a very narrow view if they watch this film.

    I don’t know any of the bloggers being featured, but I feel that the REAL American blogger would be represented with much different (and more varied) participants.

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