Traveling With Barbie #BarbieProject

This is a compensated campaign as part of The Barbie Project. All thoughts and ideas are my own.

Traveling Barbie


May is usually a whirlwind for us, but this year, it’s been insane. I feel like I’ve only been home a few days. On one of these trips, I walked right by a huge Barbie store (I think it was either LAX or Atlanta’s Airport, or Maybe Miami? Not very sure…LOL). Immediately, I missed my daughter. She was in school at the time, so I couldn’t call her to tell her where I was, so , I just snapped a few photos to show her when I got home.

2014-05-01 06.24.28


When I got home, we sat down to scroll through my photos (something she enjoys doing when I get home from work trips) and she found my Barbie store photos. Immediately, everything clicked.

“Mommy!” she exclaimed, “Barbie has to be at the airport cause she does lots of important things and has to go lots of places, like you!”

My heart melted right that second. That moment was also one in which it created a new journey for my daughter. I noticed her add a new storyline to Barbie play…one in which Barbie travels, literally everywhere. In fact, I think yesterday she was in Africa helping animals (because she’s an “animal doctor”, of course). I have had a Peruvian Barbie since I was 21, in fact it was a gift because I am part Peruvian. My daughter never associated my doll as from another country, in fact, it’s only now that she is realizing just how big the world is and all the possibilities out there for her.

Peruvian Barbie

She recently asked me to show her where Peru is on a map…and when I did, she asked when we would be going. We’re actually hoping to next year! While I don’t let her play with my doll (it’s the only one she can’t touch), she did lay it next to her as she scanned the map I had pulled up on her iPad. I knew Barbie would expand my girl’s play time, but I didn’t imagine that it would ignite a little travel bug.

In fact, when we headed on our family, she insisted on a couple companions.

Barbie Travels


Because Barbie is family, and she needs a little vacation too.

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