Walk of Shame Review: Hilarious and Refreshing

It’s no secret that I have a love for female driven comedies. Although, most are dubbed “chick flicks” I actually think there are genuinely funny, smart and talented women that can carry any comedy. Women like Tina Fey, Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock, and, Elizabeth Banks who is the star of Walk of Shame. I had feared that Walk of Shame would just be a horrible girl does something stupid now let’s poke fun at her film, and for some parts, it is. But it is also new, and refreshing… but something a few men wouldn’t get.


In Walk of Shame, Elizabeth plays Meghan Miles, a “good girl” reporter who is up for a huge position as the evening anchor for a Los Angeles station. When the job goes to someone else, Meghan is moping at home when her girlfriends come to get her out. For just one evening, she does exactly the opposite of what she normally does: she goes to a bar in a very tight, yellow dress (a “slut” dress), gets trashed and goes home with the bartender. When she awakes, she checks her messages (via his phone since she can’t find hers), and turns out the woman who got the anchor job had a “questionable” photo on twitter, and now, Meghan has the job…if she makes it to the station that evening. She tries to quietly sneak away in her “walk of shame” but seems to be missing her car, which apparently, had been towed away. When she tries to re-enter the bartender’s downtown loft building, not knowing (or remembering) his name, she walks away to look for a cab and instead finds the adventure through L.A. that she never asked for.


Elizabeth Banks is wickedly funny as she runs through Los Angeles in a yellow dress. What I loved though, is although throughout the film you know that she is being treated that way because of her looks, the film points out in the end just how absurd it is to be judged simply by how you’re dressed. It’s something a lot of us women would totally get and what made this film even funnier for me. I quickly remembered my best girl friends  taken me out for a night of drunken debouchery to get over a guy, a job, or just having a bad day. There was no female drama over a guy, but rather, two protective friends questioning the nice bartender that hooked up with their friend and now helps them find her.

It’s a female comedy for smart chicks. Go with your friends, and then have a drink.

Walk of Shame is now available on Video on Demand and is rated R. Check your local cable listings.



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