My Daughter Is Going To Rule The World #BarbieProject

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I always wonder how much attention my daughter pays to what I do for a living. She knows I used the computer and travel a lot, but I didn’t think she could quite grasp that a lot of what I do, and what this blog is for, is to connect. To connect with other women like me, families like ours, and, in essence, the world at large, just by putting my thoughts out online, for all the world to see. That also evolved going to events, conferences and talking to other like minded women who were striving to do their best as moms and as businesswomen.

I’ve shown my daughter photos, and I’ve even taken her with me a few times. I honestly, didn’t think I was teaching her anything doing these things. But, I was wrong.


This past weekend, I walked in on my daughter playing with her Barbies and overheard the dialog she had for her dolls. Her dolls had taken on the roles of my friends and I, and as such, each was a business owner, freelancer and influencer.

2014-06-11 17.52.57


When I asked to play too, my daughter very thoughtfully said “well…I do need help with the conference.”


Yup. Conference. I became part of her your business mind. My girl is 6, but she had the business stuff down. Location? Dreamhouse. Fee? $99.99. What was it for? Business ladies!

2014-06-11 18.13.37

We had a full house, you see. Watching my daughter, I was so proud. A 6, she is planning to one day own her own business and she is using her dolls to explore that part of her. I love seeing her imagination at work, and I love that Barbie allows her to use her creativity to it’s fullest.

2014-06-11 17.54.29


Barbie is her way to explore many sides, even her business side, and this is one I can share in with her.

I’d love to hear your own #BarbieProject story. Share what you see, hear and feel when your child plays with Barbie! Visit



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