One Dress At A Time #BarbieProject

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Design Barbie Dresses


Sofia is a month away from turning 7. Wow. My baby is about to be 7 yrs old, where did the time go? Everyday, when I talk to her or play with her, I see just how much she has grown from the day before, even though I could swear it was just yesterday I was cradling her to sleep in my arms. In so many ways, she is still very much that tiny girl I marveled over 7 years ago but in several other ways, I am getting to know this brand new person….so smart, so determined, so unique and amazing.

She’s always been enthralled with clothes and style, even as a baby she would fuss if I put her in something she didn’t like. I guess I should have known how much of a fashionista she would become in just a few short years.

Design Barbie Dresses

Most of this comes out when she dresses herself to head out with us….she is quite the savvy dresser. But lately, watching her play with a Barbie Be Your Own Fashion Designer, it’s like seeing the future unfold, one tiny dress at a time.

With each dress, her mind begins to work…planning each placement of sticker or glitter glue or trim. She knows what she likes. She knows how to get the look together. She has a plan and takes steps to make the dress of her dreams come to life through each tiny dress.

The funny thing, while watching my girl play, my mind knows that what I am watching is my young daughter’s creativity buzzing and my mind says, someday, this will take her far. My daughter and Barbie are a powerful duo and together I truly believe they may just achieve everything they ever dreamed of.

…one dress at a time.


  1. Tammy S says

    What a great way for her to be able to express her creative side. You might have a future designer on your hands.

  2. Jammie says

    Happy birthday to her soon! My baby will be 13 next month, and I want to cry. She never got into Barbies, but she is very much into Monster High dolls.

  3. Laura J says

    Oh that is so precious! So cute how she brings out that fashion side! You never know…maybe she will be a dress designer someday! I loved playing with my Barbies growing up and dressing them up! I think they are so wonderful for the girls creativity!

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