etnies Kids Shoes For Back To School

etnies shoes for kids

This is a sponsored post for etnies. All thoughts are my own. Tucked away in a pocket of suburbia, I found myself in Lake Forest at the etnies headquarters in Orange County. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the friendly staff at etnies, who were very attentive, patient and understanding of all the fellow moms and kids. etnies is the first skateboarder-owned and operated footwear and apparel … [Read more...]

Whatever It Takes: Words From My Husband #GoodNeighbor


Picture this. Waking up everyday at 6am with a sense of total and utter dismay. The routine was always the same: shower, wake everyone, drop off the kiddo at preschool, park, take the Red Line to downtown, get off, walk to work...slowly. At the office, try to keep "busy" but each file that hits your desk produces a hive or two. Once the clock hits 5pm, run out to make the commute home, pick up … [Read more...]

Getting ready for Halloween at Knott’s Scary Farm

Elvira Knott's Berry Farm

Fall is coming and that means the Halloween celebrations are just around the corner. Typically on Halloween I dress in something scary or my favorite villain (last year I was The Joker) and go to my friend's house to scare people as they come to the door to get their treats. But this year I will be the one getting scared because I'm planning on going to Knott's Scary Farm. I was recently … [Read more...]

Little Lies We Tell And A Slushee To Drool For #TampicoIsColor

Tampico IG2

It's August, the heat is soaring here and we are counting down the days til school is back in. Oh wait, did I say we? I meant me! Ha. I know, I know... I'm supposed to be treasuring every second but I can't keep up the facade....I celebrate back to school! Which brings me to my next two posts over at the Tampico is Color blog that I shared I would be a part of this summer.   6 … [Read more...]

Top 10 Items For Back To School- 2nd Grade Edition #paypalit

Back to School: Top 10 Picks for Your 2nd Grade Gal #paypalit

This is a sponsored post with PayPal. All thoughts are my own. Every year it happens. We spend so much time enjoying the last bits of summer, that we forget about Back To School shopping. I make a mad rush to each store, battling crowds and crowds of parents just like me, those who held on to those last few summer suns, all tanned up and searching for crayons, erasers and folders. I have … [Read more...]

Girls Hairstyle Tutorial: Two Ponytail Twist #NoMoreTangles


This is a compensated post in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions and thoughts are my own.   My daughter loves summer. I mean, she is a summer baby, but if she could run around all day with her friends under the sun, she would. Whether it be the beach, home or day camp, being in the summer sun is her happy place. She's also … [Read more...]

End of Summer Fun #GoodFunForAll with Frito-Lay & Skylanders

Summer Fun Red Carpet

The end of summer is near and you can hear the groan of kids everywhere as we start our back to school shopping. My daughter is both eager to get back to her friends but also, longing for summer to last forever. She loves our beach days and road trips, with school starting again, she knows it means those won’t come as often. However, I do have one more trick up my sleeve (mommy always … [Read more...]

Carter’s Fall Fashion Trends (Now In Sizes 7-12!) #CartersFallStyle

Kid's Fall Fashions Carters

The very first outfit my daughter ever wore was a super cute Carter's dress, which, at 3 days old, became one of my go to kid's clothing brands for her. Carter's is the largest branded marketer of young children’s apparel in the U.S. so I was able to find them wherever we were, even when we traveled cross country. They were there through bottles and diapers, and I admit to dabbing a tear when she … [Read more...]

One Dress At A Time #BarbieProject

Design Barbie Dresses

This is a sponsored post with Barbie. All thoughts are my own.   Sofia is a month away from turning 7. Wow. My baby is about to be 7 yrs old, where did the time go? Everyday, when I talk to her or play with her, I see just how much she has grown from the day before, even though I could swear it was just yesterday I was cradling her to sleep in my arms. In so many ways, she is still … [Read more...]